Vejjasala Kutis

Vejjasala contains five kutis in various locations on or near to the cleared grass areas. Each kuti is sparsely furnished with a single bed, a table and a chair. Each has a small deck with a hanging space for rain jackets and storage of shoes. There is no heating, cooking or toilet facilities in the kutis. Each kuti has its own solar powered light and has two windows for cross ventilation.

Guests can access the Vejjasala main building at all hours to access toilets, showers and tea making facilities. However those wishing to use kutis should be capable of navigating slightly uneven ground by torchlight and don't mind walking to toilet and cooking facilities. A small bag to transport toiletries and a torch are recommended additions.

Blankets are provided and guests need to bring their own bedsheets and pillow slip. Sleeping bags can be laid on the beds but guests should still use their own pillow slips. In winter, while the kutis are reasonably insulated, it is expected that guests using these facilities will be experienced in camping or caravanning in the cold. Even if using a sleeping bag, a camping insulation mat is recommended under sleeping bags as mattresses are poor cold weather insulators.

kuti locations 615px.jpg

Kuti locality map showing location of access road and walking paths. Forest Rd (to Wingello) is to the left. There is a small creek with a pedestrian bridge separating the western area from the main Vejjasala building (centre).

Kuti 1

This kuti is in a cleared area to the west of the Vejjasala main building. It is near the access road to the maintenance shed and accommodation cottage. This kuti uses the toilet and washbasin of the cottage.



Above: Teacher's Kuti left, the Maintenance Shed centre, Kuti1 right. Vejjasala main building is past the shed to the left.

The Cottage

The Cottage is to the west of the main Vejjasala building and is used as overflow accommodation during large retreats. It contains 7 beds and has an enclosed wood heater. The cottage has a toilet and washbasin attached, and guests use the showers in the main building.


Teacher's Kuti

This kuti in the western cleared area and is reserved for teachers and VIP guests.


Kutis 2 and 3

These two kutis are to the east of the main Vejjasala building in an open clearing. They are the easiest to access and are ideal for those wishing to try out the kuti experience. While they are relatively close the the main building they are far enough away to experience quietude.



Kuti 4

Kuti 4 is in a secluded area away from the main thoroughfares. It is in a total bush surrounding but only metres from the cleared area and a short walk to the Vejjasala main building. This is the most secluded kuti at Vejjasala.


Kuti 5

This kuti is in a lightly wooded area and is in the far west of the property, with views of bush and across neighbouring farmland. The kuti is slightly secluded and is ideal for those who wish to be away from the main traffic areas of Vejjasala. This kuti uses the toilet facilities of the cottage.


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