What is Vejjasala?

Vejjasala, located in Wingello in the Southern Highlands of NSW, is a retreat centre and place for healing founded by the Association of Engaged Buddhists.

The Spiritual Director of the Centre and Resident Monk, Venerable Tejadhammo explains the origin of the name, he says: "In the early Buddhist writings, Vejjasala is the Pali word for a place of healing. When the great Chinese pilgrim monks Fahsien and Xuanzang made their long and arduous journeys from China to India in the 5th and 7th centuries seeking to bring back the teachings of the Buddha for the welfare, wellbeing and good of the many, they both recorded the existence of vejjasalas, places established to care for the sick and injured."

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The Association of Engaged Buddhists has established Vejjasala in Wingello as a place where people can receive assistance in dealing with their illness. They can find rest and recover in an environment surrounded by friendship and support. In Vejjasala, people living with a serious or life threatening illness can find help to develop their capacity for self-healing and happiness in a peaceful and spiritual environment.

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Front of Vejjasala main building (above), meditation and shrine room, below.


vejjasala_cookbook_75.png Like the food at Vejjasala? Check out Food for Thought the Vejjasala Cookbook.


AEB Events & Retreats - 2016

Retreat rows are highlighted in tan. Retreat titles will link to a registration page closer to the retreat date.
Events on the Buddhist calendar and select public holidays are in brackets.

Wed 27 Sangha Lodge First teaching of 2016
Sun 7 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Mon 8   (Lunar New Year - 'Year of the Monkey')
Mon 22   (Magha Puja - 'Sangha Day')
Sun 28 Social Event New Year 'Thank You' Picnic
Sun 6 Vejjasala Dana Day - Ven. Tejadhammo, Bousefield, White & Smith
Fri-Mon 25-28   (Easter long weekend)
Sun 3 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Fri-Sun 8-10 Past Retreat Moving into Mindfulness – Yoga & Meditation
- Sue Toohey
Fri-Mon 22-25 Past Retreat Chachakka Retreat - Ven. Pandit Bhikkhu
Sun 1 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Sun 8 Buddhist Library Combined Wesak Day with Buddhist Library
Fri 20   (Vesakha Puja - 'Buddha Day')
Fri-Sun 27-29 Past Retreat Meditate Because You Want To - Ven. Pandit Bhikkhu
Sun 5 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Mon 13   (Queens Birthday)
Sun 3 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Wed 20   ('Rains Retreat' begins)
Sun 31 Social Event International Food Fair
Sun 7 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Sun 4 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Fri 23 - Sun 25 Retreat Cancelled Sustaining the Heart and Mind..., retreat with Ven. Tejadhammo
Fri 30 - Mon 3 Oct Future Retreat Finding the Space Within, yoga retreat with Sue Toohey
Sun 2 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Mon 3 Future Retreat (above) (Labour Day)
Sun 16   (Pavarana - 'Rains Retreat' ends)
Sun 6 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Sun 4 Sangha Lodge Dana Day & AEB committee meeting
Sun 25   (Christmas Day)

Healing at Vejjasala

For some time now evidence has been mounting about the benefits of meditation, relaxation and other natural healing practices, particularly about improving the quality of life for those living with a serious or life threatening illness.

Vejjasala provides an opportunity to learn different meditation practices aimed at reducing pain, freeing the mind from tension, fear and stress and supporting the body's own healing processes.


We do not seek to replace conventional medical treatment but to complement it, by helping individuals to develop their own healing powers and the healing potential in the teaching and practice of the Buddha.


The central building at Vejjasala contains a large meditation room, catering kitchen, dining room, mixed accommodation as well as shower and toilet facilities. Many areas of the central building are wheelchair accessible and there are accessible shower and toilet facilities.

On Vejjasala's grounds are a cottage for overflow accommodation as well as five small kutis (single bed huts). For more information on the kuti locations visit the Vejjasala Kutis page.



Vejjasala - Place of Healing

219 Forest Road
Wingello, NSW 2579
Ph: (02) 4884 4443

SatNav coordinates: S34 42.334 E150 10.663

Distance from Sydney: 160km, approx. 1 hour 45 mins


pdficon_small.png Download or print the Vejjasala guests guide for what to bring and how to get there


Driving from Sydney:

(NOTE: Download the printable PDF instructions above)

Take the M5 out of Sydney (toward Liverpool/Canberra).

Continue on to M31 then National Highway 31 (toward Goulburn/Canberra), past Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale.

Continue 6km past Penrose State Forest, then slow down after Paddys Creek to turn left in 500m.

Turn hard left off highway into Murrimba Rd, (exit sign for Wingello & Bundanoon). Follow road to end - Wingello village.

When you come into Wingello, cross the railway tracks.

Turn right on other side of tracks (past Wingello Village Store).

Take first left into Forest Rd and continue along sealed then gravel road, past Wombat Farm, distance approx. 2km.

Turn left onto side track at sign for Vejjasala Retreat. At about 250m turn left at 'Retreat Centre' sign to enter Vejjasala Retreat grounds.


Use the above map to zoom or move around to see surrounding roads and towns


Getting there by train

There is a train station at Wingello but someone will need to collect you and drive you to Vejjasala which is a few kilometres away, so it may be better to get a lift from another attendee. The retreat booking forms have an option to nominate that you would like a lift. If you still intend to take the train, you need to inform the train driver at Central that you wish to stop at Wingello as it is a small station. You will also need to contact the retreat coordinator to arrange someone to collect you from the station or the nearby Wingello Store.

Note that 'Caroura St' in the above map is actually signposted 'Forest Rd'

A selection of comments made by participants in Vejjasala retreats in 2012


On the accommodation

‘Very comfortable bed and hot shower!’ 

‘Very clean and comfortable, thank you.’ 

’10 out of 10.’


On the catering

‘Meals were delicious, well-timed, plentiful.’ 

‘Could not have been better.  SO many thanks to our wonderful chefs.’ 

‘The meals were superb.  Congratulations to the cooks!’ 

‘It’s excellent, too perfect.  Like a 5-start resort!’ 

‘Excellent food in every way: quality, quantity, timing.  Thank you chefs.  You could taste the metta in the meals!’


On the retreat generally

‘Wonderful, highly beneficial retreat.’ 

‘The balance was good, especially the time to rest in the beautiful surrounds.’ 

‘Beautiful place, wonderful teaching.  Trust the place will grow and prosper.’  

‘A wonderful, beneficial experience.’ 

‘Becoming a part of the retreat with its intrinsic and extrinsic rhythms was healing.  Bhante’s teaching and presence was pivotal.  Thank you.’ 

‘Very grateful for the yoga sessions.  The exercises definitely help with the stretching and relaxing of muscles in preparing for sitting meditation.  The breathing incorporated also support the mindfulness of the breath in meditation.’ 

‘A real delight to be here and be a part of it.’