Meditation & Yoga at Sangha Lodge

Monday Nights - Silent Meditation

A silent group meditation session is held every Monday night (except for public holidays.

The session begins at 7.30 pm and runs for 55 minutes. There is no teaching or guidance, just silent practice. All welcome. Previous experience in silent sitting would be beneficial

Session times: Every Monday from 7.30pm

Cost: Free or by donation

Attendance: drop-in or week to week

Wednesday Nights - Teaching and Meditation

Buddhist teachings and meditation practice

The primary weekly activity at Sangha Lodge is the Wednesday night Dhamma talk (Buddhist teachings) and meditation practice. Dhamma talks are focused on aspects Buddhism and Buddhist practice, and are usually conducted by our Spiritual Teacher Ven Tejadhammo, but from time to time may be conducted by a guest speaker (see the schedule below). The talk is then followed by a silent meditation of around 20 minutes. All welcome, no previous experience necessary.

Session times: Every Wednesday from 7.30 - 9pm

Cost: Free or by donation

Attendance: drop-in or week to week

The last teaching for 2017 will be Wednesday 13 December.

Guest Speakers

A guest speaker is either a lay teacher or a monk or nun from any of the primary Buddhist traditions. There is usually a guest teacher every month.

Dec 6th (rescheduled) - Giles Barton: It’s as good as it gets!
Making sense of the contradictions in Buddhism. People are often told to practice this, cultivate that, be good, don’t be bad, let go, let be.

What does all this mean? What is the right way to practice where do I start?

This talk will share some thoughts on what is the right way to practice

GilesBarton150.jpgGiles Barton first came into contact with the Buddha's teachings in 1983 and has wandered along that path since, following the Thai Forest meditation Theravaden tradition since the late nineties. He has completed several long retreats at Bodhinyana monastery in Perth and has practiced at WAT Buddha Dhamma at Wiseman's ferry since Judith Lai first took him there in 1988. Giles has sat and practiced with or been taught by many teachers from around the world, lay and monastic, and provides ongoing support to the WAT and SANTI forest monasteries either through committee membership or support of the Sangha. Giles has lead a number of retreats over the years and taught regularly at the Buddhist Library in Camperdown. He has a special interest in Buddhism and meditation for young people which reflects his professional work in child and adolescent mental health. Giles aims to teach Dhamma and meditation for lay people in living in the world make meditation accessible for as many as possible.

Tuesdays and Thursday evenings - Yoga

Dru Yoga with Sue Toohey

At Sangha Lodge we practice the gentle but powerful Dru yoga that is suitable for all bodies and all levels of fitness. With its emphasis on soft flowing movements Dru yoga can help increase energy, reduce pain and wash away stress. Even difficult looking postures can be modified so that anyone can do them. A consistent yoga practice will make you stronger and more flexible and you'll be able to move more easily. Yoga will lift your mood and has been shown to benefit many chronic illnesses.

Practicing the yoga postures allow us to meditate on the body in action and gain a profound understanding and knowledge of its nature. We develop a deep appreciation for the miraculous way in which the body functions and at the same time we become less attached to fixed ideas about the way the body should look and be.

Your teacher, Sue Toohey, is a fully qualified member of the International Yoga Teachers' Association.

Our practice space is limited so it's best to call before attending class for the first time (0421 973 785)

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Cost: Casual class $15 ($13 concession) or 5 classes for $65 ($50 concession). Part of your class fees goes to help support Sangha Lodge.

Attendance: By enrolment. To enrol call Sue on 9660 4448 or 0421 973 785

First Sunday of the month - Dana Day

Dana Days are where the AEB community come together to share food (as an offering of Dana, or generosity) and listen to a talk by the spiritual teacher. Some Dana Days celebrate dates on the Buddhist calendar.

Dana Days are held on the first Sunday of the month at Sangha Lodge. Bring along a plate of food as your offer of Dana.

When: First Sunday of each month, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm

Cost: Free or by donation

Attendance: drop-in

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