Finding the Inner Oasis in the City

An Urban Retreat at Sangha Lodge


Image courtesy of Michael Leunig

Saturday 17th February from 9.30 – 5pm
Sunday 18th February from 10am1pm

Cost: Teaching is FREE


Join us for our first non-residential urban retreat, led by David O’Rose

Take this opportunity to step out of your normal weekend busyness for something different.

Using self inquiry, an experiential process of meditation that traces the root of thought to its origin in the heart; walking meditation; reflection and discussion, take the direct path to the simple truth that you are already everything you are longing to become.

In the meditation sessions at this retreat we will explore a practice of no striving, just quietness, a stillness of effortless tranquility. Yet this is not the tranquility of dullness or drowsiness. The mind is clear but still.

Suitable for anyone - beginner or more experienced.

David O’Rose has been teaching and practicing meditation for over 40 years. He has a background in medicine and spent over 20 years in Hong Kong. Combining his unique skills from medicine and meditation, he counselled people on how to handle the stress of busy city life. He will be sharing this at this weekend Urban Retreat.

What to bring:

Please bring your own lunch for the first day. Tea and coffee provided on both days.

A donation is appreciated to cover the cost of running the centre.


Registration is essential as numbers are limited. Email: