AEB Events & Retreats - 2015

Retreats are held at Vejjasala, our retreat centre located in Wingello NSW.
Retreat titles will link to a registration page closer to the retreat date.
Events on the Buddhist calendar and select public holidays are in brackets.

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Wed 28 Sangha Lodge Sangha Lodge opens for 2015
Thu 19   (Lunar New Year - 'Year of the Goat')
Sun 22 Social Event AEB New Year Picnic
Sun 1 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Wed 4   (Magha Puja - 'Sangha Day')
Fri 27 - Sun 29 Past Retreat 'Making a New Ending for Ourselves': Ven. Tejadhammo
Sun 5 Sangha Lodge Dana Day (Easter Sunday)
Fri 17 - Sun 19 Past Retreat 'May All Beings Be Happy and Free' Yoga Retreat: Sue Toohey
Mon 4   (Vesakha Puja - 'Buddha Day')
Sun 3 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Sun 10 - Sun 17 Past Retreat 'The Four Foundations of Mindfulness': Ven. Tejadhammo
Fri 29 - Sun 31 Retreat cancelled 'Healing Power of Words' Retreat: Beatriz Copello
Sun 7 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Sun 5 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Sun 26 Social Event International Food Fair (see below)
Thur 31   ('Rains Retreat' begins)
Sun 2 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Fri 14-16 Retreat cancelled Healing Meditation Weekend: Ven. Tejadhammo
Fri 28-30 Applications closed Mindfulness Retreat: Beatriz Copello
Sun 6 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Sun 27 Social Event Sangha Lodge Fund Raising Lunch (see below)
Sun 4 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Fri 2-5 Future Retreat Cultivating Well-Being Yoga & Meditation Retreat: Sue Toohey
Sat 24 Future day workshop
at Buddhist Library
'Healing Power of Words': Beatriz Copello
Mon 26   ('Rains Retreat' ends)
Sun 1 Sangha Lodge Dana Day
Fri 20-22 Future Retreat Mindfulness Practice in Daily Life: Graham White Retreat & Ven. Tejadhammo
Fri 25   (Christmas Day)

Weekly Teachings

For information about weekly teachings at Sangha Lodge, visit the Teachings page

AEB Social & Fundraising Events



Sangha Lodge Fund Raising Lunch 2015

Sun 27 September, 11am start

'In Asia' restaurant

181 Concord Road

North Strathfield

Download flier (PDF)


Past Events

  • International Food Fair 2015, Sun 26 July

  • 2015 New Year Picnic, Sunday 22nd February