Teachings at Sangha Lodge:

1. Wednesday Night Teaching and Meditation

Our weekly Dhamma talk and meditation practice is held EVERY Wednesday night. It begins at 7.30 with a Dhamma talk by a resident Sangha member or a visiting teacher. The talk is followed by around 45 minutes of silent or guided meditation. Community members and Sangha often stay for a cup of tea afterwards.

Please try to arrive a few minutes early to allow the talk to start on time.

A cash donation is appreciated but not compulsory.

Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome

When: Every Wednesday night from 7.30 pm

Where: Sangha Lodge, 20 Victoria Street, Lewisham.

Bhante's 'What would Buddha do?' teachings at Buddhist Library

In this five weeks series on "What would Buddha do?", Bhante will show us the notion on the five essential concerns of our daily life through drawing examples from some of the prominent, interesting and practical suttas (scriptures) from the Buddha's time.

We will explores the closest source we have to the teachings from the historical Buddha: the scriptures. Come to learn how these wonderful teachings are still closely relevant to us in this modern days.

July, Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

What would Buddha do to...

1st July      Week 1 - Sustain favourable relationship (All forms of relationship)

8th July     Week 2 - Live with purpose in turbulent times

15th July    Week 3 - Overcome bad habits

22nd July   Week 4 - Oh conflict! and the exposition of non-conflict

29th July    Week 5 - Use the mind creatively

The sessions will include meditation periods and discussions on the scriptures topics. The course is designed for beginners and suitable for advanced learners to continue in deepen their understanding and practical experiences in learning the scriptures and Buddha's teachings. Download the PDF flier.

31st August - Dr Page

Jonathan has been a medical oncologist for 30 years and enjoys endurance cycling. He began his meditation practice in 1984 but to his chagrin was largely an erratic practitioner until 2004, generally employing meditation as a last resort to manage innumerable life crises (with variable impact). He was persuaded to be more diligent in his meditation with the onset of more refractory dysphoria, particularly burnout admixed with depression. These were poorly managed by the “orthodox” medical establishment, but over time yielded to regular meditation and the comfort of the Three Jewels. The Dharma is a wonderful resource in the care of patients (and their families) with advanced cancer.
Jonathan has been conducting several six week Introduction to Meditation courses each year.


2. Yoga

At Sangha Lodge we practice a classical Hatha style of yoga that is suitable for all bodies and all levels of fitness. Even difficult looking postures can be modified so that anyone can do them. A consistent yoga practice will make you stronger and more flexible and you'll be able to move more easily. Yoga will lift your mood and has been shown to benefit many chronic illnesses.

Practicing the yoga postures allow us to meditate on the body in action and gain a profound understanding and knowledge of its nature. We develop a deep appreciation for the miraculous way in which the body functions and at the same time we become less attached to fixed ideas about the way the body should look and be.

Your teacher, Sue Toohey, is a fully qualified member of the International Yoga Teachers' Association.

Our practice space is limited so it's best to call before attending class for the first time (0421 973 785)

Where: Sangha Lodge Buddhist Centre, 20 Victoria St, Lewisham, Sydney

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Cost: Casual class $15 ($13 concession) or 5 classes for $65 ($50 concession). Part of your class fees goes to help support Sangha Lodge.

To enrol call Sue on 9660 4448 or 0421 973 785


3. Monday Night Group Meditation

All welcome to join the group for about 55 mins of Silent Sitting. It begins at 7.30 pm. There is no teaching or any guided meditation.

If the Monday falls on a public holiday, there will be no practice on that day.

Where: Sangha Lodge, 20 Victoria St, Lewisham

When: Every Monday from 7.30 pm