About the Association of Engaged Buddhists

Our purpose and goals
The Association of Engaged Buddhists is a group of lay Buddhist practitioners and ordained Monks and Nuns who are committed to putting the Dhamma into action within their own lives in order to be of benefit to the wider community.

Established in 1993, the Association runs regular evenings of Buddhist teachings and meditation at Sangha Lodge in Lewisham, as well as retreats, workshops and courses in response to specific needs. The Association’s main aim is to share in a non-sectarian way the many benefits of meditation and Dhamma teachings with those in need in the community. The Association is recognised by the Buddhist Council of NSW.

Why ‘Engaged’ Buddhists?
‘Engaged’ Buddhism seeks to address the needs of the wider community through the skilful and practical application of the teachings of the Buddha. We are committed to promoting the development of Buddhism in Australia through active social service. Suffering humanity is our concern. We welcome all who think that they might benefit from learning meditation, who wish to find a different way of looking at life or who seek a supportive community within which to practice the Dhamma.

Our Centres
Sangha Lodge is the name of our Sydney meeting place. We also run Vejjasala, a retreat centre at Wingello in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Spiritual/Resident Teacher

Bhante_Teja.jpgVenerable Tejadhammo Bhikku - Bhante to his followers - is the Spiritual Director of the Association of Engaged Buddhists. Bhante teaches most Wednesday nights at Sangha Lodge and conducts regular courses and retreats which are open to the general public, and is regularly invited to teach other groups of ordained Sangha. Apart from these teaching and retreat activities, Bhante works with people who are seriously ill in various hospitals, hospices and their homes in and around Sydney, teaching healing meditation, providing spiritual support and assisting people in dealing with the end stages of life.

Venerable Tejadhammo Bhikku was ordained by Venerable Tanchaokhun Phra Visalsalmanagun, Chaokhana Changwat, Phuket, in Thailand. Bhante has a background in Western Philosophy and Theology, and has studied and taught at Silpakorn University, Thailand. Before returning to Australia he taught in Thai universities and jails.Although ordained in the Theravada tradition, he has also studied with Tibetan and Mahayana teachers and has a commitment to the Dharma that he believes encompasses all traditional expressions of it.He is a founding member of Australian Monastic Encounter which seeks to promote inter-religious and inter monastic dialogue.

Common terms used on this site

The term Sangha is often used to refer to the community of monks and nuns. In its broader sense, it means the community of people committed to following the Path of the Buddha. Traditionally ordained Sangha members (monks and nuns) are treated with respect since they represent the Buddha. Monks are usually addressed as ‘Bhante’ and nuns may be called ‘Ayya’ or ‘Sister’ – these terms are friendly whilst maintaining respect. The monks and nuns are supported by the community. At present the Association has only one ordained Sangha member – Venerable Tejadhammo (above).

Dhamma is an ancient Indian (Pãli) word which is most often heard in reference to the Buddha’s teachings.

AEB Committee Members

AEB has a committee of seven people (financial members of the Association) who hold office for one year. They are elected at each AGM usually held in November of each year.

The Committee manages the Association’s two venues – Sangha Lodge in Lewisham, Sydney and Vejjasala at Wingello in the Southern Highlands. It plans and oversees all of the Association’s activities including regular teaching, retreats, community events and fund-raising. It is responsible for the financial affairs of the Association. The Committee meets once a month on each Dana day, which is on the first Sunday of each month. Ordinary members are welcome to join in the meeting but may not be eligible to vote in Committee decisions.

Visit our membership page to find out how to become a member of the Association and how to be eligible for nomination to the committee.

Management Committee, 2018
President: Molly Lim
Vice President: Sue Toohey
Secretary: David O'Rose
Treasurer: Mei Khing Ong

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