Association of Engaged Buddhists


The term Sangha is often used to refer to the community of monks and nuns. In its broader sense, it means the community of people committed to following the Path of the Buddha. Traditionally Sangha members (monks and nuns) are treated with respect since they represent the Buddha. Monks are usually addressed as ‘Bhante’ and nuns may be called ‘Ayya’ or ‘Sister’ – these terms are friendly whilst maintaining respect. The monks and nuns are supported by the community. The Association is fortunate in having two resident members of Sangha at Sangha Lodge.

Role of the Sangha

The Sangha provide spiritual direction to association members and the general public. They teach the Dhamma, provide counselling and assistance with meditation and spiritual direction to individuals, work with the sick and the terminally ill at a number of hospitals and hospices throughout Sydney and conduct funerals and other ceremonies in the community on request.

Spiritual/Resident Teacher


Venerable Tejadhammo Bhikkuwas ordained by Venerable Tanchaokhun Phra Visalsalmanagun, Chaokhana Changwat, Phuket, in Thailand. Bhante has a background in Western Philosophy and Theology, and has studied and taught at Silpakorn University, Thailand. Although ordained in the Theravada tradition, he has also studied with Tibetan and Mahayana teachers and has a commitment to the Dharma that he believes encompasses all traditional expressions of it.

Bhante is the Spiritual Director of the Association of Engaged Buddhists founded in 1993, and senior resident monk at Sangha Lodge, Sydney. The Association aims to foster a more active engagement of followers of the Buddha within the local community. Apart from the usual teachings and retreat activities, Bhante works with people who are seriously ill in various hospitals, hospices and their homes in and around Sydney. Bhante teaches and conducts regular retreats and is a founding member of the Australian Monastic Encounter which seeks to promote inter-religious and inter monastic dialogue. Bhante has also taught in Thai universities and jails.

Bhante works with people who are seriously ill and dying as well as with prisoners seeking more skillful and beneficial ways to deal with their problems.
He also does a great deal of teaching for other Buddhist groups as well as Adult Education groups in Sydney and throughout Australia. Healing Meditation practices are also taught by Bhante to groups and more particularly to individuals needing special assistance.

Committee Members

AEB has a committee of 7 people who hold office for 1 year. They are elected at each AGM usually held in October of each year. After a year's membership, any member who is financial can be nominated to the committee. Membership is open to individual who believe in the aims and purposes of the Association and the fee is $50 a year.
The Committee positions include Retreat Coordinator, Office Manager, House Manager and Project Managers. The Committee members meet once a month on each Dana day, which is on the first Sunday of each month. Ordinary members are welcome to join in the meeting but may not be eligible to vote in Committee decisions.

Management Committee, 2016
President KK Lim  
Secretary Meredith Tan  
Treasurer Lean Lee